3ct Cheech and Chong Stash Mug Pipe Assortment

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Commemorative Design Cheech & Chong Stuff It Puff It Stash Mug Hand Pipe. 3oz. Colors May Vary. 3ct.

  • 3oz Cheech & Chong Stash Jar Pipes The amazing Cheech and Chong “Stuff It Puff It” is an amazing 2 in 1 solution for smokers on the run.
  • Capable of storing your herbs, it also has a built-in pipe that allows for a quick smoke using the built-in bowl at the base of the jar and mouthpiece at the top of the handle.
  • Made of scratch-proof ceramic, these storage canisters with a wide base offer reliable durability. Compared with plastic containers, these ceramic jars ease any concerns about toxic substances seeping into your flower.
  • We know good flower needs to be protected. These containers are easily stackable anywhere from kitchen cabinets to desk drawers.
  • Made of premium material, they are hard and durable, and sized for easy carrying. Store and smoke on the go!

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