King Palm Natural Leaf Rolls - XL Size -5 per-15 Units

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King Palm Natural Leaf Rolls - XL Size. 5 Rolls Per Pack With 15 Packs In A Box Display.

- 5 XL Rolls / Pouch w/ Boveda - 15 Units Per Display Box - Made For Retail - Individually Handmade, Handpicked and Cleaned With Purified Water Before Rolled - Packaged With Boveda - 2 Way Humidity Control of 62% - Holds 3 Grams Per Roll

  • King Palm is the best slow burning natural leaf on the planet. 
  • Always remember to pack it TIGHT (without extreme force) for the best slow burning smoke you will have! 
  • Hand Rolled with a Pre-Installed Natural Corn Husk Filter - JUST FILL IT - with your favorite herbs!

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