3ct Tank Airflow Controller


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Tank Airflow Controller. 3ct.

This will allow you to control the amount of airflow with compatible tank systems.
If you sometimes feel that the tank system you are using is a little air, this may be the answer you been looking for!

The Airflow Controller covers the airflow notches increasing the resistance required while taking a puff from your electronic cigarette.

The Airflow Controller is 510 threaded. It is compatible with most 510, EgO, and other popular eCig’s with a native 510 thread connection.

When the Airflow Controller is screwed all the way down, the airflow is not adjusted. As you start to unscrew the controller it will start to cover the airflow holes on your tank. You can adjust it all the way to the bottom of your tank till you get the right draw for you own vaping preference.

To use the controller, simply attach the controller to your compatible electronic cigarette battery, and then attach the tank to the controller. As you start to adjust the controller you will feel the draw stiffen up.

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