3D Lenticular Picture Frame Running Horses Triple Image 334


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3D Lenticular Picture Frame Running Horses Triple Image. 14.5″ x 18.5″. 1ct.

Lenticular Pictures are images with the illusion of depth. The image appears to be either animated or in 3D (not a flat image, but appears to pop in or out of the picture). When flipping the image slightly from side to side, the image appears to “move” or change. The image is printed to give a stereoscopic effect. It has a smaller viewing angle so each eye is tricked into thinking the image is 3-dimensional without using any special 3D viewing glasses.

This image are not moving, but they are 3D picture. At different angle the picture look different.

This 3D picture frame comes in rich color and various viewing angles, perfect for hallways, offices, and home decor. Great for animal admirers seeking to make their home cozy and stress free.

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