Fresh Fresheners Designer Hanging Air Fresheners 20pk MIX B


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Fresh Fresheners Designer Hanging Air Fresheners. 20 Air Fresheners In a Box Display.

Natural Essential Oils:

Only premium and natural essential oils. No toxic or unnatural chemicals. All designs are made of 100% pure and natural plant based extracts
ensuring the safety and child friendly nature of all air fresheners.

Use of essential oils creates long lasting diffusion process
which can be smelled for weeks. Many essential oils are also
known to be odor-eliminating and air purifying making these products
perfect for your car, home, or office.

Instruction for Use:

Gradually open the plastic wrapper and take out the air freshener
over a two-week period in order to have the scent last the longest and
not have an over-powering smell once opening. Hang the air freshener on
your rear-view mirror for up to 3 weeks. Elastic band for easy hanging.

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