The Higher Society Portable Snuff Blo Kit


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The Higher Society Portable Snuff Blo Kit. 1ct.

Package List:

  • Mini Funnel: Perfect for pouring snuff into the bottles.
  • Metal Spoon: A decorative spoon for the nasal absorption of powders.
  • Glass Snuff Bottle: Moisture-resistant sealed bottle, perfect for storing snuff.
  • 4 x Aluminium Alloy Snuff Bottles: Sturdy and compact metal ball containers.
  • Golden Shovel: A mini scoop for snuff, energy snuff, salt, or any other powder.
  • Storage Case: A waterproof box for secure storage.
  • Glass Plate (Operating Table): An easy-to-use plate for preparing snuff.
  • Metal Shovel (with Keychain): A decorative keyring with a functional metal shovel.

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Weight .59 lbs


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