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Money Counting Machine (NX-422B)

Money Counting Machine (NX-422B)

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Money Counting Machine (NX-422B) 1ct.

  • Bill counter with UV and MG (MG is special for USD & Euros)
  • Counting Speed >1000sheets/min
  • Black-and-white combination for classic, hits vision.
  • Seen from different directions.
  • Automatic counting
  • Automatic clearing zero
  • Broken notes detecting
  • Easier operation for Ergonomical side button designs.
  • Open rear cover.
  • Adjustable screw to avoid inaccurate counting.


  • Power source:

220V 50HZ or 110V 60HZ

  • Power consumption:

less than 90w

  • Counting speed:

more than 1000sheets /miunte

  • Noise:

less than 60dB

  • Ambient  temperature:


  • Feeder Capapcity

160pcs new bills

  • Holder Capacity:

130pcs new bills

  • Counting range:


  • Batch range:


  • Dimension:




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